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Meet the Photographer

I was born in Baltimore, Maryland and raised in Rhode Island.  I went to university in upstate New York, where I majored in Philosophy, studying Hegel and Wittgenstein, both western philosophers steeped in eastern religion.  I also took courses on Buddhism, Taoism and Chinese Painting. 

After moving to Seattle for a couple of years, I went to law school at Georgetown. Upon graduation, I moved to the Northwest and lived primarily in Seattle for over 40 years.  My careers included teacher, litigator, corporate development and corporate counsel, and family lawyer.  And always, I found myself the photographer. 

​I retired from law in 2018, when my wife and I moved to Philadelphia for her job. Since then, photography, and particularly botanical photography, has been a significant part of my life.  I have spent hundreds of hours with my botanical subjects, looking at them from all angles and visiting them over time as they blossom and fade.

My images have been in two black and white and ten color juried exhibitions around the country, including being featured in two LensCulture Competition Galleries. I also have work in private collections in the United States. For a list of recent shows, see Juried Group Shows

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