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Artist Statement

I have always looked at things others pass by.  I am captivated by detail in flowers, landscape, buildings, everyday objects.  To see that detail, I fill my frame with the object, much like a child holds a flower 6 inches away, her vision filled with a natural wonder.

My images also focus on the braided mane of a cowboy’s horse, the wildflower’s supporting undercarriage, the whirling dervish’s skirt.  I approach my subjects openly, without pre-conceived notions, what Buddhists call practicing beginner’s mind.  

Some of the images are marked, "Stacked;” I have taken multiple exposures of the subject at different focal lengths, then used stacking software to create one crisp image.  Stacking lets me create an image that mimics what your eye registers naturally when you stop to look closely at an object. 

I create images of subjects I get lost in, a place away from all distraction.  Sometimes I am drawn to a subject that displays nature’s meticulous attention to detail.  Sometimes it is in the abstract, Edward Weston’s “completely outside subject matter.”  It is the way the lines undulate, the forms balloon, the riot of nature’s contrasting colors.  Nor are these opposites, as aspects of some images partake of both. 

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